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  • Apple Service Discontinuation - Apple to Google Account Mapping

    With the discontinuation of Apple service on May 28th, 2024, our team is offering a linking process for players to continue using their accounts through Google Play. Th..

  • Channel Level Restriction - Polaris Server

    The following channels of Polaris server will require character's level to be at least 100 to enter: Channels: 2,4,8,14,16,20,22,26,28,32,34,38,40

  • No Cross - Platform Play

    Cabal: Return of Action is a completely independent game, kept separate from Cabal Online in all aspects. There's no cross-platform play, shared online stores, joint ac..

  • Gems Refunds - Account Blocked

    Accounts that have been involved in chargebacks, will be blocked by the system. In the case that any account gets double charged for Gems purchases, we encourage our pl..

  • Selling or sharing accounts

    Selling or sharing accounts is considered an illegal activity and against our Terms of Use. Please review the Terms of Use at

  • Technical Problems

    We recommend the following steps: 1. Uninstall and delete all CABAL apps from your phone. 2. Check the stability of your internet connection. 3. Shut down all backgrou..

  • Premium Services doesn’t stack

    Players may only have one active premium service at a time. As an example, the same account won't be able to have both Warlord and Platinum premium services active at t..

  • Gem Refill - Wrong Service

    Players who refilled Gems in the wrong service can submit a request to have the Gems value transferred to the correct service, as long as the Gems have not been used in..

  • Gem Refill - Wrong Account

    We are sorry to hear you refilled Gems in the wrong account. We can help transfer them to the correct account as long as both accounts are under the same registered ema..

  • Gems Refill - Missing Gems

    We're sorry to hear that you completed a purchase but did not receive your Gems in-game. Most gems delivery issues are related to the following topics: - The transacti..

  • Event Related Inquiries

    We are sorry to hear that you are having issues with events. We recommend all players to thoroughly read and understand the current event's information directly on our ..

  • Premium Service - Removal Request

    Our team can help players who wish to terminate their current active Premium Services; however, we cannot reimburse this action. Please submit a ticket under "Account ..

  • Account Blocked

    If your account is blocked, you may submit a support ticket. Once your inquiry is received, our team will manually review your case. Please know that the game's servers..

  • Reporting a player

    If you want to report a player for spamming, use obscene and vulgar language, or use illegal third-party programs. Please send us a ticket under the "Report Abusive Pla..

  • Cannot connect to the server

    If you are having issues connecting to Cabal: Return of Action game servers, we suggest reading the following instructions: Check your internet speed and latency: http..

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