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  • Account Blocked

    If your account is blocked, you may submit a support ticket to inquire about the reason that led to the block. Once your inquiry is received, our team will manually rev..

  • Reporting a player

    If you want to report a player for spamming, use obscene and vulgar language, or use illegal third-party programs. Please send us a ticket under the "Report Abusive Pla..

  • Item Shop

    We are sorry to hear that you are having issues with the item shop. Most of the time, item shop issues may be fixed by clearing cache and cookies from all your web brow..

  • Technical (Bug)

    If you are experiencing technical difficulties with your character, please send us a ticket under the category "Character > Technical", our team will do our best to inv..

  • Trade disputes / Trade Scam

    While we have a hands-off policy regarding player-to-player trade disputes, we may be able to help with your trade dispute in particular situations. If you wish to fi..

  • Premium Service - Removal Request

    Our team can help players who wish to terminate their current active Premium Services; however, we cannot reimburse this action. Please submit a ticket under "Account >..

  • eCoin Refill - Missing eCoins

    We are sorry to hear that you completed a purchase but did not receive the eCoins in-game. Most of the eCoin refill issues are related to the following topics: - Trans..

  • Missing Items

    Our team can recover items that are lost due to: - Items accidentally destroyed (extracted). - Accidently sold to NPC. - Quest Rings (Mergaheph, Tyrant Leth, etc...)...

  • Event Related Inquiries

    We are sorry to hear that you are having issues with events. We recommend all players to thoroughly read and understand the current event's information directly on our ..

  • Change Registered Email Address

    You can change your account's email address directly on our website. If you desire to edit your account's email address, please follow the steps below: 1. Go to https..

  • Recover a deleted character

    Our team can help players recover their deleted characters as long as the restoration information is still available. Please know that there is a time limit for charact..

  • Run Game after Install/Patch

    To correctly install, patch, and run our games, you must be logged into your computer as an administrator. Follow the steps for your operating system below. 1. Right-c..

  • Server/Account Transfer

    You can transfer a character from or/to your account using the "Account Transfer" item from our item shop under the category "Premium Service > Character Services." Ple..

  • Alz Selling / Real Money Transactions

    Selling Alz or making any Real Money Transactions is not allowed in CABAL Online. We encourage all users to report players who are selling Alz, items, or characters for..

  • Hack/Exploit

    We welcome all users to report players that are exploiting, abusing, or hacking CABAL Online. We take all reports seriously and manually review each one of them. If y..

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